Hiroto Arai: 帰国録 WHIROTO 千葉 2016, 04 from HA on Vimeo.


WHAT IS THIS! from Shannon Mackie on Vimeo.

  Wait What. from Shannon Mackie on Vimeo.

-FREE- from Shannon Mackie on Vimeo.


'Floating Mentality'

'The Back Beaches'

'Under Wraps' North Coast Australia June 2011

`Unfamilar Places` North Coast Australia Feb 2011

Vans Pier Pro 2012 Rnd 1 & 2
Summer 2012 Lennox Head Australia
Edited by Daniel Mundweil

Ripcul Grom search Dec 2011 U/16 Winner Highlights 
Filmed by Steve Condon
Edited by Daniel Mundweil

Filmed and Edited by craig parry

Hiroto Arai In Australia December 2011  

Hiroto Arai In Australia November 2011 Vol 2 
This is a shoot film of Hiroto training and surfing in Lennox Head and gives you an understanding and introductions on what is necessary to become an elite surfer. Shot and filmed by local surf photographer Craig Parry 

Hiroto Arai In Australai Nov 2011 Vol 1
Hiroto has recently arrived in Australia and photographer Craig Parry & Steve Condon put this clip together to show the day in the life of him in Australia.

Hiroto Arai traveled to the Huntington pier to surf in the US Open Pro-junior.
He made 2 heats but was eliminated in his rnd of 32 heat.
check out his footage of his first 2 rounds.
The footage was filmed by Sean Hayes and edited by Equis TV

Photo by Shuji Izumo

Hurley Burleigh Pro Junior Photo Sequence.
Hiroto busted a few punts during his RND 96 heat to take the heat win and moves on to RND 64.
Photo:Yamamoto ​

Surfing Torami Beach Late afternoon with my Boss Ross Butson and Surf-Reps sales rep 'Red'

This is my 3rd episode. Few clips of some wave on the east coast of Chiba Japan. 
From March-May 2010.

This video is a few waves from the Japan Junior Open where the winner earns a spot to represent Japan in the King of Grommets in France late September. 
'The waves were super small but I was stocked to win.'

This is my 2nd Episode surfing waves around Chiba Japan end of may-June 2010
Thanks for watching

Surfing small waves in Japan. Few clips of some wave on the east coast of Chiba Japan from March-May 2010